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Introduction of Instant UHT Sterilizer

The instant UHT sterilizer is a kind of processing equipment used in the food and beverage industry to sterilize liquids such as milk, fruit juices, cream, soup, and sauces. The process involves heating the liquid to a very high temperature (usually around 135-150°C) for a very short period of time (usually 2-6 seconds) to kill all bacteria and other microorganisms present in the liquid.

The Instant UHT (ultra-high temperature) sterilizer typically consists of a heating section, a holding section, and a cooling section. The liquid to be sterilized is first heated rapidly to the desired temperature in the heating section, then held at that temperature for a specified time in the holding section, and finally cooled rapidly in the cooling section before it is packaged.

The advantages of Instant UHT sterilization include the ability to extend the shelf life of liquid products without the need for refrigeration, which can reduce energy consumption and transportation costs. Additionally, the process can help to preserve the flavor and nutritional content of the liquid products, and it eliminates the need for chemical preservatives.

SeFluid’s instant UHT sterilizer series is specially designed for sterilization of fluid materials. This series adopts three-way screw plug for feeding and discharging. The feeding and discharging of this equipment are both three-way plugs and the flow can be adjusted according to the application need.

Instant UHT Sterilizer | SeFluid



2.2-5.5 kw


0.5-6 t/h


115-135 °C


SS304, SS316

Working Principle of Instant UHT Sterilizer

On a instant UHT sterilizer, the material is pumped by centrifugal pump into the hot and cold material heat exchange device on the sterilizer to be preheated. Further, the material is then passed through a high temperature drum filled with high pressure, where it is rapidly heated to sterilization temperature. It will keep for about 3 seconds. In this process, the microorganisms and enzymes in the material are quickly killed. 

After the vat, the material is cooled by heat exchange with the cold material (generally below 65°C). If the next process needs to increase the temperature, it can be achieved by adjusting the angular cut-off valve, or circulating, etc.; otherwise, the temperature of the material is reduced by access to cooling water.

The discharge can be controlled by the throttle valve of the instant UHT sterilizer. This valve allows the boiling point of the material inside the machine to be higher than the maximum temperature while maintaining a constant pressure. During normal production, the flow rate is controlled by adjusting the throttle valve to create back pressure by the pump’s pushing force overcoming the spring pressure. 

When cleaning the sterilizer, the throttle valve should be fully open. The circulating reservoir can be used to prepare acid and alkali solutions, as well as to effectively clean the inner wall of the coil. Thanks to the simultaneous use of stainless-steel three-way plugs, the flow rate of the sterilizer can be precisely regulated.

Features of SeFluid's Instant UHT Sterilizer


SeFluid’s instant UHT sterilizer series has good ability of continuous production with extremely short sterilization times.


Due to the short heating time, the high quality of the proceeded material to be processed can be preserved, and the internal nutrients are not destroyed.


Excellent sterilization effect due to ultra-high temperature sterilization.


Can be used in tandem with centrifugal pumps or high-pressure homogenizers. With wide range of applications and is suitable for sterilization of materials with low to high viscosity.


The design of the heat exchanger with hot and cold materials has the economic effect of utilizing waste heat, so the steam consumption is small.


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