Introduction of Canned Motor Pump

Canned pump is a special kind of sealless pump. On this type of pump, the pump body and drive motor are sealed in a pressure vessel filled with the pumped medium. The pressure vessel has only a static seal, and a wire pack provides the rotating magnetic field and drives the rotor. This structure cancels the rotary shaft sealing device of the traditional centrifugal pump, so a canned motor pump can be completely leak-free. 

The pump integrates work head and motor together. Therefore, the rotor assembly wholly operates in the pumped fluid and the magnetic stator out of shielding sleeve offers the driving power for working.  SeFluid is an experienced manufacturer for canned motor pump and we can produce most types of it to met user’s various application fields.

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Max Power

315 kw 

Max Capacity

800 m³/h

Flow Head

Max. 800m

Max. Temperature


Principle of Canned Motor Pump

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A canned motor pump is a type of centrifugal pump that uses an electrically driven motor to drive the impeller. The motor and impeller are housed within a single, sealed canister, which eliminates the need for a traditional shaft and casing. Here is how a canned motor pump works:

First, electric current makes the stator to generate a magnetic field. Then, the magnetic field drives the rotor with impeller fixed on. Consequently, the impeller draws fluid into the pump and pushes it towards the outlet. As the fluid is pushed towards the outlet, pressure appears to expel the fluid. The rotation of impeller creates a centrifugal force to move the fluid. Meanwhile the sealed canister makes no need of shaft seal and protects the motor and impeller from fluid. Finally, the fluid also dissipate heat generated by motor and keep the pump running efficiently.

Canned motor pumps are known for their reliability, safety, and efficiency. They are commonly used in applications where the pumped fluid is abrasive, corrosive, or toxic, and where safety is a concern. Additionally, canned motor pumps are easy to maintain and can be used in high-temperature applications without the need for cooling.

Advantages of Canned Motor Pump


Integrated one shaft for both impeller and motor rotor.


Shielding sleeve for motor rotor and stator, leek free. 


Various purpose type and installation way for options.


No need of seal, lubricant and any additional cooling device.

SeFluid's Canned Motor Pump Features

canned motor pump feature 2 - SeFluid
Does not draw in air from the outside, suitable for vacuum operating systems and liquids that react in contact with air.
canned motor pump feature 1 - SeFluid
Completely leak-free, suitable for pumping flammable and explosive liquids, toxic liquids, corrosive liquids and precious liquids.
canned motor pump feature 3 - SeFluid
Shaft-free design, suitable for high pressure systems, exremely high or low temperature liquids, high melting point liquids.
canned motor pump feature 5 | SeFluid
Compact design, small size, light weight, small footprint and minimized cost.
canned motor pump feature 6 | SeFluid
Low noise, low vibration, completely enclosed structure without cooling fans and bearings.
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No need for external injection of lubricating fluid, saving maintenance costs.

Canned Motor Pump Types

Selection of Canned Motor Pump Type

Selecting the right canned motor pump for a specific application requires careful consideration of several factors. Here is a list of factors to consider when selecting a canned motor pump:

Fluid Property

Factors need to consider for determining canned motor pump type include viscosity, temperature, corrosiveness, abrasiveness, and toxicity.


Consider the maintenance requirements, including the ease of maintenance, the cost of spare parts, and the expected life of the pump.


Consider safety requirements, including the risk of fire or explosion, the risk of contamination, and the safety of personnel.


The temperature of the fluid being pumped should be considered to determine the type of canned motor pump required.

Flow Rate

The flow rate required should be determined to select a pump with the appropriate capacity.


The required pressure should be determined to select a pump with the appropriate head.


Consider the installation requirements, including the available space, power supply, and piping arrangements.


Consider the cost of the canned motor pump, including the cost of initial, operating and maintenance.

Once all of above factors have been considered, you can select the type of canned motor pump that best meets your needs. It is also recommended to seek the advice of a pump manufacturer or supplier, who can provide expert guidance on the selection of the appropriate pump for user’s specific applications.

Applications of Canned Motor Pump

Canned motor pumps are known for their high reliability, efficiency and safety. They are ideal for use in applications where safety is a concern and where the pumped fluid is abrasive, corrosive or toxic. Additionally, canned motor pumps are easy to maintain and excellent for high-temperature applications without the need for cooling. They are commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Here are a few common uses:

canned motor pump application | oil and gas | SeFluid

Oil & Gas

Ideal for transferring crude oil, fuels, and other petroleum products.

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Chemical Processing

Transfer corrosive and dangerous chemicals without causing contamination.

canned motor pump application | power generation | SeFluid

Power Generation

Transfer coolant, lubricating oil, and other fluids involved in power generation process.

Abwasserbehandlung | SeFluid


Applicable in water treatment plants to transfer water, wastewater, and chemicals.

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Food & Beverage

Used in food and beverage processing for liquids such as syrups, juices, and milk.

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Transfer high-purity liquids, such as water for injection, without causing contamination.



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