Introduction of Laboratory Basket Mill

Laboratory basket mill is a kind of multifunctional equipment for wet dispersing and grinding developed for scientific research institutions and enterprises and institutions. It mainly consists of a control box, a rotating shaft, a grinder, a pump lobe, a dispersion disk and a grinding basket filled with high strength grinding medium. 

This equipment can run for a long time with stable speed and low noise, and the two production processes of dispersion and grinding are completed at the same time, which can effectively reduce the fineness of low and medium viscosity materials in a short time.

laboratory Basket Mill | SeFluid

sự chỉ rõ

Quyền lực

1.1-4 KW

Tốc độ

0-3000 rpm


0.8-2.0 mm

Vật liệu

SS304, SS316

Principle of Laboratory Basket Mill

When a laboratory basket mill is working, the self-priming impellers rotate at high speed, generating strong suction force and vortex, which will suck the materials into the grinding basket. The paddle drives the zirconium beads and the material to produce strong shear, collision and shear, which quickly makes the material particle size smaller and the fineness lower, thus achieving the effect of grinding fine material and dispersing the aggregates. At the same time, the ground materials are discharged from the milling basket under the strong thrust of the pump lobe, and then dispersed by the dispersion plate. Finally, the ideal grinding effect is obtained in a short time.

Features of Laboratory Basket Mill


Electric and manual lifting for choice according to user requirements, and the frame runs reliably and smoothly.


Precise mesh plate with 30% bigger over-flow area and 60% reduced resistance for better separation of beads and fluid.


Integrated both dispersing and grinding, one equipment for two types of processing.


Excellent frequency conversion control, stepless speed adjustment can be realized.


Get the ideal grinding quality in short time.


Easy to clean and change milled material.

Applications of Laboratory Basket Mill

SeFluid’s laboratory basket mill series is ideal for low and medium viscosity fluids below 5000cps and materials with high fineness requirement: such as interior wall emulsion paint, industrial paint, wood paint, all kinds of color paste, water-based oil-based ink, pesticide suspension agent, etc. It is widely used in ink, color paste, dyestuff, paint and other industries.

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