Introduction of Sinusoidal Pump

The sinusoidal pump is a kind of rotary positive displacement pumps, also known as positive displacement sine pump. Its core part is a single-shaft sine curve rotor. In contrast to conventional multi-shaft rotor pumps, the single-shaft design requires only one set of sealing mechanisms. It also does not require a complex timing gear structure. This makes the sinusoidal pump simple in structure and economical in maintenance. 

The most important feature of the sinusoidal pump is its ability to transport fluid masses containing large particles or large pieces. Typical applications are soups, sauces, chilled foods, mayonnaise, cheese and curds, cooked foods, salads, salami, etc.

SeFluid’s sinusoidal pump series has the characteristics of good self-priming, low shear and low pulsation. It can adapt to various high and low viscosity materials. Also, it has the features of simple cleaning, and reliable performance. Therefore, our products can help customers to reduce waste and increase profitability.

sine pump - Sinusoidal pump - SeFluid



1.5-15 kw


0.18-30 m³/h


50-1000 rpm


SS304, SS316

Principle of Sinusoidal Pump

Hakkındaki Videoyu Oynat how sine pump works

On a sinusoidal pump, the inclined scraper door interacts with the dynamic rotor. Then medium is gently conveyed through the uniquely designed rotor. During the conveying process, the pulsation is low and there is no shear to medium. Sinusoidal shape of the rotor means that by each rotation there is a cavity appears (which can occur four times per pass through the bushing space). This will draw in and push out the medium.

A control scraper divides the pump chamber into a suction chamber and a discharge chamber. It ensures a differential pressure between the inlet and outlet. The sinusoidal rotor can overcome limitations of traditional lobe pumps. In addition, due to a gearbox, sinusoidal pump has strong self-priming power and is simple and easy to maintain.

Feature of SeFluid's Sinusoidal Pump Series

Ideal for high viscosity pumping

Capable for medium with viscosity up to 1,000,000 CPS.

No Aeration or Foam

Gentle processing and low shear force, no aeration and foam.

Sanitary Structure

Key parts of the pump are all made of stainless steel, so the pump is hygienic for high cleanliness needed applications.

Low Pulsation and Low Shear

Sine curve shape rotor with scraper and fixed bushing for pushing and squeezing fluid. Low fluid shear rate and pulse.

Strong Self-priming Force

With the continuous opening of the suction chamber, the pump is capable of generating a suction pressure of 0.85 bar.

Çift Yönlü Çalışma

Because of the bi-directional design, it can run clockwise or counter-clockwise without modifying any internal components.

Applications of Sinusoidal Pump

Food, Beverage and Dairy Industries

The sinusoidal pump has great value in food industry. Moreover, its suction power is a great advantage in the beverage industry. It is smoother and gentler than rotor pumps for conveying orange juice concentrate at -10° or more fluid juices. Also, It is more capable of conveying media containing fruit such as butter energy products. The ability to gently convey fragile medium (such as cheese, yogurt, and cream) makes it a better choice for the dairy industry.

Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Industries

Due to the gentle conveying, low cost and low foaming rate of a sine pump. It is ideal for applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sinusoidal pumps are also suitable for high shear sensitive suspensions, solutions, rinses, detergents or high viscosity media such as silicone rubber.

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