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Hose pumps are composed of 5 major parts, including pump casing, rotor body, reducer, seat and hose.

peristaltic pump application - SeFluid

When the hose pump is working, the rotor body rotates. A pair of pressure rollers on the rotor body rotates along a special hose. The squeezing pressure generated by the pressure roller and the pump casing flattens the hose. Under the force of the tube’s own elasticity and the side guide rollers, the liquid is sucked in through the vacuum generated by restoring the original shape. The liquid is discharged from the tube under the mechanical squeeze of the pressure roller, and so on in a reciprocal cycle.

The durability of the hose pump is mainly determined by the elasticity and corrosion resistance of the tube. Its flow rate is related to the speed of the motor and the size of the inner diameter of the tube. Therefore, the key is to choose the tube and the speed control mechanism. As long as the tube has a long enough life, there is no problem to keep the rotational speed stable and keep the quantitative delivery for a long time.

Advantage of Hose Pump

  • It is a volumetric type pump. No mechanical seal, strong self-priming ability, can be self-cleaning.
  • No pump valve and stuffing box, no leakage and air resistance phenomenon of seal type pump.
  • Simple structure and strong adaptability. Liquid, gas, slurry and viscous suspended materials can be conveyed. Smooth hose cavity can pump the liquid with impurities, various fiber objects and solid slurry containing particle size below 1/4 of the hose diameter. And does not produce any blockage.
  • No need to fill the pump before operation. When running dry, no failure such as spindle seal is produced. The liquid sucked by the pump is only in contact with the hose, so it can convey corrosive and abrasive media that the rubber can withstand. It can replace the general stainless steel pump.
  • It can rotate forward and backward without setting import and export. Less power consumption, high hydraulic and volumetric efficiency.
  • It has good metering capacity and can be used as a metering pump. The flow rate can be changed by selecting the size of the tube and adjusting the rotation speed. Wide range of flow rate (3~9m3/h). High metering accuracy and repeatability
  • Wide range of tube materials (vinyl plastic, nylon, rubber and silicone rubber, etc.). Suitable for conveying various corrosive, toxic, sterile, radioactive and other media. The working pressure is up to 16 bar and the working temperature is -62~+260℃. The life span of the extruded contact part of the tube is generally 200 to 700 h. When it cannot continue to be used, the extruded part of the tube can be moved or replaced with a new tube.
  • One pump head can be installed with 1-4 pipes or 1 pump installed with multiple groups of pump head work, while conveying 1 or more media. 1 pump multi-purpose, 1 pump can replace several pumps (suction, discharge can work at the same time). Small working volume and high efficiency.