Canned Motor Pumps

In the ever-evolving field of fluid handling, the introduction of canned motor pumps has marked a significant technological advancement. These pumps, known for their leak-free operation and high efficiency, have become indispensable in various industries. SeFluid, a leading manufacturer in this domain, has been at the forefront of providing top-notch canned motor pumps that cater to diverse industrial needs.

What Are Canned Motor Pumps?

Canned motor pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that integrates the motor and pump into a single, hermetically sealed unit. This design eliminates the need for mechanical seals, which are often the source of leaks and maintenance issues in traditional pumps. The motor is enclosed within a can, which is filled with the pumped fluid. This fluid circulates through the motor, providing cooling and lubrication.

Key Features

  1. Leak-Free Operation: The hermetically sealed design of canned motor pumps ensures that there are no leaks, making them ideal for handling hazardous or toxic fluids.
  2. Baixa manutenção: With no mechanical seals to wear out, this type of pumps require significantly less maintenance compared to traditional pumps.
  3. Alta eficiência: The integrated design reduces energy losses, resulting in higher efficiency.
  4. Design compacto: The pumps are typically more compact than traditional pumps, saving valuable space in industrial settings.
  5. Operação silenciosa: The enclosed design also helps to reduce noise levels, making these pumps suitable for environments where noise reduction is important.


Canned Motor Pumps - SeFluid

Poder: 0.37-7.5 kw
Capacidade: 1-30 m³/h
Cabeça de fluxo: 8-36 m
Material: SS304, SS316


High Temp. & High Pressure Type Canned Motor Pump s| SeFluid
High Temperature & High Pressure Pump
Bomba de motor enlatado tipo circulação reversa vertical | SeFluid
Vertical Reverse Circulation Pump
Bomba de motor enlatado tipo pasta de vedação de gás | SeFluido
Gas Seal Slurry Pump
Temperatura superalta. Bomba com motor enlatado tipo | SeFluido
Super High Temperature Pump
Bomba com motor enlatado tipo autoescorvante | SeFluido
Self-priming Pump
Bomba com motor enlatado tipo alto ponto de fusão | SeFluido
High Melting Point Pump
Bomba de motor enlatado tipo lama | SeFluido
Slurry Pump
Bomba com motor enlatado tipo isolamento de alta temperatura | SeFluid
High Temperature Isolation Pump
Bomba com motor enlatado tipo multiestágio | SeFluido
Multi-stage Pump
Bomba de motor enlatado tipo básico de circulação externa | SeFluido
External Circulation Basic Pump
Bomba de motor enlatado tipo circulação reversa | SeFluido
Reverse Circulation Pump
Bomba com motor enlatado tipo básico | SeFluido
Basic Centrifugal Pump


Canned motor pumps are a type of industrial pump that have a number of useful applications across various industries. Here are some of the key applications of canned motor pumps:

  1. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry:

    • Handling corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids safely due to the leak-proof design
    • Circulating and transferring chemicals, solvents, and other process fluids
    • Pumping liquefied gases like LPG and LNG
  2. Power Generation:

    • Circulating cooling water in nuclear power plants
    • Handling boiler feed water and condensate in thermal power plants
  3. Tratamento de Água e Efluentes:

    • Pumping clean water, wastewater, and effluents
    • Handling sludge and slurries in treatment plants
  4. Oil and Gas Industry:

    • Transferring crude oil, refined products, and other hydrocarbon liquids
    • Boosting pressure in pipelines
    • Pumping drilling muds and other oilfield fluids
  5. Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries:

    • Handling sterile and high-purity liquids without contamination
    • Pumping viscous, shear-sensitive, or abrasive fluids
  6. Processamento de Alimentos e Bebidas:

    • Transferring and dosing food-grade liquids like oils, juices, and syrups
    • Pumping liquids with suspended solids like fruit pulp or slurries
  7. Sistemas HVAC:

    • Circulating chilled water, glycol solutions, and other heat transfer fluids
  8. Marine Applications:

    • Bilge water, ballast water, and other shipboard fluid transfer

The key advantages of canned motor pumps that make them suitable for these applications include their leak-proof design, ability to handle harsh and corrosive fluids, high efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Why Choose SeFluid’s Canned Motor Pumps?

At SeFluid, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality canned motor pumps that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our pumps are designed to handle the most demanding applications, offering reliable performance and long service life. Here are some reasons to choose SeFluid:

  1. Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best solutions for your fluid handling needs.
  2. Quality: Our pumps are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring reliable and leak-free operation.
  3. Costumização: We offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of your application, ensuring optimal performance.
  4. Support: Our team of experts is always available to provide support and assistance, ensuring that you get the most out of your pumps.

Advancements in Canned Motor Pump Technology

The technology behind canned motor pumps has evolved significantly over the years. Modern pumps are equipped with advanced features such as variable speed drives, which allow for precise control of pump performance. This not only enhances efficiency but also extends the lifespan of the pump.

SeFluid has been at the forefront of these technological advancements, continuously improving its products to meet the changing needs of the industry. The company’s research and development team is dedicated to exploring new materials and technologies that can further enhance the performance and reliability of canned motor pumps.

Environmental and Safety Benefits

In addition to their operational advantages, canned motor pumps offer significant environmental and safety benefits. The leak-free design minimizes the risk of fluid spills, protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of personnel. Furthermore, the high efficiency of these pumps reduces energy consumption, contributing to lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint.

SeFluid is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company’s canned motor pumps are designed with these principles in mind, providing eco-friendly solutions for fluid handling. By choosing SeFluid’s products, industries can achieve their operational goals while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Future Trends and Developments

The future of canned motor pumps looks promising, with ongoing research and development efforts aimed at further improving their performance and capabilities. Innovations in materials science, such as the use of advanced composites and coatings, are expected to enhance the durability and efficiency of these pumps.

SeFluid is poised to lead the way in these developments, leveraging its expertise and experience to bring cutting-edge solutions to the market. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement ensures that it remains a trusted partner for industries worldwide.


Canned motor pumps are a vital tool in ensuring safe and efficient fluid handling in various industries. With their leak-free operation, low maintenance requirements, and high efficiency, these pumps offer numerous advantages over traditional pumps. At SeFluid, we are dedicated to providing the best canned motor pumps on the market, helping our customers achieve their goals with reliable and high-quality products.

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