Introduction of Basket Mill

Basket mill is a machine for fast and high fineness milling. It consists mainly of a lifting device, a power transmission and a milling head. In the milling head, there is a set of impellers for facilitating fluid circulation. Then there are a number of metal rods stand on the shaft. In remaining space of the milling head there are some small hard beads. SeFluid’s basket mill is a kind of multi-functional grinding machine. It possesses both grinding and dispersing function. With properties of energy-saving, high-efficiency and easy-maintenance.

basket mill - SeFluid



5.5-75 kw

Capacità batch

50-1200 L




SS304, SS316

Principle of Basket Mill

principle of basket mill | SeFluid

When a basket mill running, the shaft drives impellers and draws fluid into working chamber. The rods then rotate along with shaft at high speed to constantly stir beads. Particles in medium are constantly being rubbed and crushed between the beads. Consequently, the particles become finer and finer. Finally, the milled material passes through a screen and is quickly dispersed into around fluid by the dispersion blades. With a lifting device, the milling head can work at different depths to perform milling to whole product batch.

Work Head of Basket Mill

basket mill working head bottom cycle type | SeFluid
basket mill working head side cycle type | SeFluid

Generally, there are two types of working head structure for a basket mill: the bottom cycle structure and the bottom cycle structure. At most applications, a bottom cycle working head is enough to handle the milling work. On it, fluid is sucked into the working chamber by the inside top impellers and then be milled by the high speed agitated small hard beads. After the milling, the fluid is pushed out through a precise sieve at the chamber bottom. Finally the high speed blades under the sieve will disperse proceeded particles into around fluid quickly.

On the side cycle structure of working head, the working process is similar. But the difference is that the proceeded fluid will be seperated out with the beads by the sieve around the head side. Then there is a pair of symmetric high speed dispersion discs with blades side by the milling head to mixing the particles with around fluid. This type structure is more suitable for big batch volume milling work and usually has higher machine cost.

Features of SEBM Basket Mill Series


One equipment for two processes at one time: grinding and dispersion.


The grinding basket is easy to clean, and the material can be changed quickly.


Various working head structure for options to meet different industry application needs.


High speed main shaft, basket head, belt pulley (passed the static and dynamic equilibrium test).


Precise mesh plate with 30% bigger over-flow area, better separation of beads and medium.


Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical lifting for options, reliable and smooth UP/DOWN.


Belt clamp or manual clamp or pneumatic clamp is for optional.


High efficiency, obtain perfect grinding effect in a short time.


Advanced frequency conversion control for stepless speed adjustment.


Double-layer cylinder, no hydraulic oil leakage after long time using.

Selection of Basket Mill Model

First, users need to understand the material characteristics of the product they want to produce, especially the viscosity. Sand mills come in a variety of forms to suit different industry applications

Secondly, users need to understand the final fineness of the product they need to achieve. Some industries do not have very high fineness requirements, such as paint production; meanwhile, some industries have very high fineness requirements, such as printing oil and pigment production. Generally speaking, the higher the fineness requirement, the higher the technical requirement of the basket sand mill, and accordingly, the higher the price of the sand mill.

Third, the user needs to know the batch production capacity of the basket mill they require. This needs to be based on the actual end product requirements of the user. The higher the output requirement, the larger the volume per batch, and the higher the power of the basket sand mill required.

Finally, the user needs to understand in detail the additional requirements needed to produce the product, such as heating, cooling, production temperature control, production time control, etc.

After fully evaluating and understanding the above requirements, users can contact our professional sales engineers, we will carefully select the right required basket mill model according to all the requirements of users, and customize the machine with some necessary parameters based on the additional requirements of customers, and then send the final machine details and price back to customers.

Reasons for Taking SeFluid's Basket Mill Series

Strong Engineering Ability

Based on more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have a very experienced team of engineers. Once we receive technical inquiry from our customers, our engineers can quickly find the best solution and the most suitable machine configuration for the user.

Precise Production of Basket Mill

Unlike many small workshop-style manufacturers, our production process strictly follows the ISO process, and every part is manufactured by precision equipment, ensuring that every basket mill is composed of precision parts, so that the machine has the best performance.

Controllo di qualità rigoroso

We are demanding on quality control. From procurement of raw materials and components to the inspection of finished products, we insist on inspection and testing at every step to ensure that only a good performing basket mill can be delivered to the customer.

Attentive Service

SeFluid provide a good service to alleviate any concerns of users about using our products. From pre-sales to after-sales, we provide 24/7 technical support via email, telephone, video conferencing or dispatch of technicians. Besides, we offer at least one year warranty for all our product series.

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