Introduction of Basket Mill

A basket mill is a type of wet milling equipment used for grinding and dispersing materials in liquid medium. It consists of a stationary container, known as the basket, which houses an internal rotating shaft with perforated blades or sieves. The grinding media (usually ceramic beads) are contained within the basket, and the product to be processed is fed into the mill. During operation, the rotor rotates at high speeds, creating shear forces that effectively break down particles while the media provides impact grinding. This dual action ensures efficient size reduction and uniform dispersion of pigments, fillers, and other solids in paints, coatings, inks, and various chemical formulations. 

SeFluid’s basket mill is a kind of multi-functional grinding machine. It possesses both grinding and dispersing function. With properties of energy-saving, high-efficiency and easy-maintenance.

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5.5-75 kw

Batch Capacity

50-1200 L




SS304, SS316

How a Basket Mill Works

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A basket mill is a grinding and dispersing machine that combines both milling and dispersion processes in a single unit. Here’s how it operates:
  1. Design: The core of a basket mill consists of a stationary cylindrical container or ‘basket’ with perforated walls, which contains an agitator shaft equipped with blades or discs at its bottom. This shaft rotates within the basket.
  2. Operation: The product to be processed (a suspension of solids in liquid) is filled into the basket. Inside the basket, there are grinding media, usually ceramic beads or balls, which fill up a significant portion of the volume.
  3. Milling Process: When the machine is activated, the agitator shaft starts rotating at high speed. As it turns, the blades create a powerful suction that pulls the product from the top through the media bed and then forces it out through the perforations in the basket wall.
  4. Dispersion and Grinding: The grinding media in the basket grind the solid particles as they collide with them under shear and impact forces. Simultaneously, the passing product gets subjected to intense shearing action by the rapidly moving blades, leading to effective dispersion of the particles.
  5. Recirculation: The product exits the basket but does not leave the system immediately. Instead, it is recirculated back into the basket multiple times until the desired particle size reduction and homogeneity is achieved.
  6. Controlled Processing: The process parameters like rotation speed, amount of grinding media, and processing time can be adjusted according to the specific application requirements for optimal grinding and dispersion results.
In summary, the basket mill efficiently grinds and disperses pigments, fillers, and other materials in liquid media through a combination of mechanical impact from the grinding media and shear forces exerted by the agitator, ensuring uniform particle size distribution and enhanced product quality.

Work Head of Basket Mill

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basket mill working head side cycle type | SeFluid
The work head of a basket mill is the central and critical component where the actual grinding and dispersing actions take place. It consists of several key parts:

  1. Basket: The heart of the work head is the perforated basket, which can be made from stainless steel or other durable materials. This basket has numerous small holes that allow the processed material to pass through while containing the grinding media inside.
  2. Agitator Shaft: Inside the basket, there’s an agitator shaft equipped with blades or discs at its lower end. This shaft rotates at high speeds to create intense shear forces for effective dispersion.
  3. Grinding Media: The basket contains a substantial volume of grinding media, typically ceramic beads or balls, which grind the solid particles in the liquid suspension when they collide with each other and the product under the influence of the rotating agitator.
  4. Perforations: The perforations in the basket wall are crucial as they facilitate the passage of the product mixture through the grinding media. The size of these openings determines the particle size distribution of the final product, with smaller holes allowing for finer grinding.
  5. Seal System: To prevent leakage of the product and ensure containment of the grinding environment, the work head often includes a mechanical seal or double mechanical seal arrangement between the stationary part (basket) and the rotating agitator shaft.
  6. Cooling/Heating System: Some advanced basket mills may incorporate cooling or heating elements within the work head to control the temperature during processing, especially for heat-sensitive products.
In operation, the work head of a basket mill combines milling (through the action of grinding media) and high-shear mixing (via the agitator), thus providing a single-step process for achieving fine particle size reduction and homogeneous dispersions in various industries such as paints, coatings, ink, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Features of SEBM Basket Mill Series

SeFluid’s SEBM Basket Mill Series represents an innovative and versatile solution for grinding and dispersion processes across various industries. These mills have been meticulously engineered to integrate two critical operations into one machine, thereby improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and ensuring consistent product quality. Below are the salient features that define the exceptional performance and adaptability of our equipment.

  • Dual Process Integration: This advanced machinery uniquely performs both grinding and dispersion tasks simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate equipment.
  • Ease of Cleaning & Quick Material Changeover: The grinding basket is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing for quick and effortless cleaning and material change, thus promoting high throughput.
  • Customizable Working Head Structures: A selection of different working head configurations is offered to meet the diverse and specific requirements in different applications and sectors.
  • Precision Balanced Components: The high-speed main shaft and the basket head, coupled with a belt pulley that has passed rigorous static and dynamic equilibrium tests, ensure smooth operation and longevity.
  • Optimized Separation System: With a precision mesh plate boasting a 30% larger overflow area, it ensures better separation of beads from the medium, enhancing overall process effectiveness.
  • Flexible Lifting Mechanisms: Users can choose between hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical lifting systems, all providing reliable and seamless UP/DOWN movement for the components.
  • Versatile Clamping Options: Whether it’s belt clamp, manual clamp, or pneumatic clamp systems, these options offer tailored operational convenience based on individual preferences.
  • Efficient Processing Speed: The SEBM series delivers remarkable efficiency, achieving optimal grinding results within short processing times, minimizing production cycles.
  • Precision Speed Control: An advanced frequency conversion control system allows for continuous speed adjustment, enabling precise control over the grinding and dispersion processes.
  • Durable Construction: Built with a robust double-layer cylinder design, these mills prevent any hydraulic oil leakage even after extended use, guaranteeing sustained performance and dependability.

Generally, SeFluid’s SEBM Basket Mill Series combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality to deliver a powerful and adaptable tool for industrial grinding and dispersion processes. Its unique blend of features ensures efficient resource utilization, flexibility, and superior product quality, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a state-of-the-art solution for their manufacturing needs. By investing in the SEBM Basket Mill Series, users can expect enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and lasting reliability throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Cooling System of Basket Mill Workhead

The cooling system of a basket mill workhead is an essential component to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating during the grinding and dispersion process. The system is designed to manage heat generated by friction between the grinding media, product particles, and the basket walls, which can affect product quality, viscosity, and machine performance. Here’s how the cooling system typically operates in a SeFluid’s basket mill workhead:

  • Cooling Jacket: A cooling jacket surrounds the workhead, which includes the grinding chamber (basket) and sometimes the motor or drive components. This jacket can be filled with water, coolant, or other temperature-regulating fluids that circulate through it to absorb and dissipate heat.
  • Closed-Loop Cooling System: The cooling medium flows through the jacket in a closed-loop, often cooled externally by a chiller or a heat exchanger. This ensures consistent and efficient cooling without contamination of the processed material.
  • Temperature Control: The cooling system may include temperature sensors for real-time monitoring and control. These sensors feed data back to an automated control panel, allowing operators to adjust the cooling rate according to the specific process requirements and avoid overcooling or undercooling.
  • Insulation: In some designs, the workhead might also be insulated to minimize heat loss when cooling is not necessary or to maintain a stable internal temperature during heating operations.
  • Safety Features: To prevent freezing or boiling of the cooling fluid, safety measures like thermostats and pressure relief valves are incorporated into the system.
  • Process Optimization: By maintaining a stable temperature within the workhead, the cooling system helps optimize the milling process, ensuring consistent particle size reduction, avoiding thermal degradation of sensitive materials, and extending the life of both the grinding media and the equipment itself.

In summary, the cooling system in a basket mill workhead plays a critical role in managing the thermal dynamics of the grinding process, thereby safeguarding product quality and enhancing the overall efficiency and longevity of the machine.

Reasons to Choose SeFluid's Basket Mills

Embrace the future of grinding and dispersion technology by selecting SeFluid’s industry-leading Basket Mills. As a trusted authority in fluid processing solutions, SeFluid offers an innovative range that outperforms conventional methods, delivering unparalleled results for diverse applications across industries.

  • Precision Engineering Our mills feature precision-engineered components including a state-of-the-art mesh basket design that guarantees superior separation of beads and medium, leading to finer particle size reduction and homogeneous dispersions.
  • Customizable Configurations Tailor-made for your specific needs, SeFluid’s Basket Mills offer various working head structures to accommodate different materials and applications, providing flexibility that is second to none.
  • Advanced Temperature Management Experience controlled temperature processing with our efficient cooling systems that maintain optimal conditions within the workhead, protecting sensitive materials from degradation while ensuring reliable machine operation.
  • User-Friendly Design With easy-to-clean baskets and quick material changeover capabilities, SeFluid’s Basket Mills ensure minimal downtime and simplified maintenance, maximizing overall operational efficiency.
  • Cutting-Edge Speed Control Equipped with advanced frequency conversion control, our mills allow for seamless speed adjustments, providing precise control over the grinding process for optimal fineness and consistency.
  • Robust & Reliable Construction SeFluid’s Basket Mills are built with durability in mind. The high-speed main shafts, balanced construction, and sturdy lifting mechanisms (hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical) ensure smooth, reliable performance throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.
  • Safety First Safety features like double-layer cylinder designs prevent oil leakage and secure clamping systems ensure operator safety and guarantee the integrity of your processing environment.
  • Enhanced Productivity Efficiently turn raw materials into finely processed products in record time with SeFluid’s Basket Mills, which deliver exceptional throughput and cost-effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support At SeFluid, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance, installation support, and after-sales service to ensure your investment in our Basket Mills yields maximum returns.
In conclusion, SeFluid’s Basket Mills embody the perfect fusion of innovation, reliability, and adaptability. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, paint, ink, or any other demanding industry, trust SeFluid to elevate your production standards with our premium Basket Mills – where excellence meets engineering!

Applications of SeFluid's Basket Mills

SeFluid’s basket mills are versatile processing equipment with a wide range of applications across various industries. They excel in grinding, dispersing and homogenizing materials that require particle size reduction and uniform distribution within liquid mediums. Below are some key sectors and their specific applications for basket mills:

  • Paints and Coatings Industry: Basket mills are extensively used to disperse pigments, fillers, and other additives into the paint matrix. They ensure excellent color strength, stability, and improved rheological properties.
  • Printing Inks: For the production of water-based or solvent-based printing inks, basket mills provide precise dispersion of pigments and dyes, resulting in high-quality prints with optimal color consistency.
  • Adhesives and Sealants: These mills help achieve fine particle sizes and consistent viscosity in adhesives and sealant formulations, improving product performance, bonding strength, and shelf life.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, basket mills are employed for wet milling APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and excipients, ensuring homogeneous mixtures crucial for drug efficacy and patient safety.
  • Cosmetics: The cosmetics industry utilizes basket mills for grinding and mixing pigments, emollients, and other ingredients in makeup, skincare, and hair care products to obtain a smooth texture and stable suspensions.
  • Food and Beverage: For food colorings, flavors, and thickening agents, basket mills offer controlled particle size reduction and superior dispersion, enhancing product quality, appearance, and taste.
  • Chemicals and Lubricants: In chemical synthesis and formulation of lubricants, basket mills are effective for breaking down solids and creating stable dispersions.
  • Ceramics and Glass: During the preparation of slurries for ceramic and glass manufacturing, basket mills ensure even particle distribution and reduced agglomeration.
  • Electronics: In the electronic paste industry, basket mills play a significant role in the precision grinding and mixing of conductive materials like silver, copper, and graphite for printed circuit boards.

SeFluid’s basket mills find application wherever there is a need for efficient and effective grinding, dispersion, and deagglomeration processes, particularly in industries requiring stringent control over particle size distribution and product purity.

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