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High Speed Disperser

Introduction of High Speed Disperser

A high speed disperser is a type of industrial mixing equipment used for efficiently blending and dispersing materials. It consists of a powerful motor that drives a rotating shaft with a dispersing blade or impeller. The blade spins at a high speed, creating a strong shearing and mixing action within the container. This process effectively breaks down clumps and agglomerates, ensuring uniform distribution of particles and achieving a desired consistency or texture in various liquid or semi-solid products.

High speed dispersers are commonly used in industries such as paint and coatings, adhesives, chemicals, and food processing. They are particularly effective in dispersing pigments, emulsifying liquids, and dissolving solids. The adjustable speed and interchangeable blades allow for versatility in handling different viscosities and materials. High-speed dispersers are valued for their efficiency, reliability, and ability to reduce mixing time, making them essential equipment in many manufacturing processes.

SeFluid’s high speed disperser product series is very suitable for high-speed mixing and processing of dispersion. The products are widely used in various industries, such as paints, coatings, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. 

hydraulic high speed disperser | SeFluid



4-110 kw

Batch Capacity

200-7000 L

Max Speed

1500 rpm

Lift Distance


How high speed disperser works

A high speed disperser works by utilizing the rotational motion of a motor-driven shaft with a dispersing blade or impeller. The working principle of a high speed disperser revolves around the efficient breakup of agglomerates and the homogenization of substances through the generation of intense shear forces. Here’s how it works step by step:


When the disperser is turned on, the electric motor drives the shaft, causing the rotor blade to rotate at high speeds, typically ranging from several hundred to a few thousand revolutions per minute (RPM).

Shear Force Generation

As the rotor blade spins, it creates a powerful suction that draws the material into the mixing zone between the rotor and the stationary blade. The high velocity differential between the rotating rotor and the stationary stator generates intense shear forces.

Disintegration and Dispersion

These shear forces effectively break down agglomerates and disperse particles within the mixture, promoting uniform distribution and reducing particle size. The rapid movement of the material also induces turbulent flow, further enhancing the mixing process.


Continuous exposure to the high shear forces and turbulent flow results in thorough homogenization of the substances, ensuring a consistent product quality and improved stability.

Process Contro

High speed dispersers often feature variable speed controls, allowing operators to adjust the rotor speed according to the specific application requirements and viscosity of the materials being processed.

Benefits of High Speed Disperser

High speed dispersers offer a wide range of benefits in various industries, making them valuable tools for efficient and effective mixing and processing. Here are some key benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Production

Faster Mixing Times

High shear forces significantly reduce mixing times compared to traditional mixers, leading to increased production output and faster turnaround times.

Reduced Labor Costs

Automation capabilities minimize manual labor requirements, lowering production costs.

Improved Product Quality

Uniform Particle Size and Distribution

High speed dispersers ensure consistent particle size and distribution throughout the mixture, leading to better product quality and performance.

Enhanced Stability and Shelf Life

Thorough mixing improves product stability and extends shelf life.

Improved Texture and Appearance

High shear forces create smoother textures and more visually appealing products.

Versatility and Wide Applicability

Handles a Variety of Materials

High speed dispersers can effectively mix and disperse a wide range of materials, from low to high viscosity liquids and from fine powders to coarse granules.

Suitable for Various Applications

They find applications in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, and paints.

Additional Benefits

Reduced Energy Consumption

Compared to other mixing methods, high-speed dispersers often require less energy to achieve the desired results.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Simple design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.

Advantages of SeFluid's High Speed Disperser

Safe and Convenient Operation

Precise hydraulic control for the working head’s up/stop/down movement ensures efficient operation. Easily clean and maintain with quick-disassembly blades optimized for various viscosities and materials. Adaptable to diverse mixing needs with

Higher Efficiency

SeFluid’s high speed disperser series have a speed up to 2930rpm, and the linear velocity is over 20m/s. Our machines can rapidly disperse the powder in the liquid evenly. Due to its high shear forces, the material will be uniformly dispersed and formed a good suspension effect.

Various Installation Way

Several installation options are available to cater to diverse requirements. These include floor type installation, platform type installation, and in-tank type installation, offering a range of flexible choices for customization and optimal setup.

More Specification Options

We offer various types of configurations for our equipment, including explosion-proof designs, vacuum models, multi-tank systems, co-axial configurations, and dual-shaft arrangements. When it comes to the material selection, we prioritize durability and compatibility, with options such as SS304 and SS316, as well as other materials upon request, to ensure optimal performance and longevity in diverse applications.

Applications of High Speed Disperser

In many industries, high speed disperser is one of the essential equipment. Especially in paint, coating and chemical industries, it is widely used. Here are some application examples:


Production of paints, coatings, and pigments. Dispersing and blending of raw materials, such as pigments, fillers, binders, and solvents, to achieve a homogeneous and consistent mixture.

Adhesives & Sealants

Manufacturing of adhesives and sealants. Dispersing and mixing various components, such as resins, solvents, fillers, and additives, to create a uniform adhesive or sealant formulation.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Production of creams, lotions, gels, and emulsions. Blending and dispersing of ingredients like oils, emulsifiers, thickeners and fragrances, ensuring a smooth and consistent product texture.


Preparation of suspensions, ointments, and creams. Dispersing active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and other additives to achieve uniform distribution and enhance product stability.

Food and Beverage

Mixing and blending various ingredients. Production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, dairy products and beverages and more; achieving uniform emulsification and distribution of ingredients.

Chemical Industry

High speed dispersers are widely used for mixing and dispersing chemicals, resins and additives. They facilitate the production of chemicals to ensure consistent and efficient blending.

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The work head is a crucial component of a high shear mixer, playing a vital role in its functionality and performance.
High shear homogenizer is a type of device used to mix, emulsify, and disperse materials. It is useful for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage.
High shear mixing blades are commonly used in various industrial processes. They are designed to create a powerful mixing shear force.
Laboratory high shear mixer is a kind of equipment for laboratory research and development to emulsify liquid mixtures into stable emulsions.
High shear mixers are essential equipment in various industries. Several factors need to be considered for selection of high shear mixer.
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