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Selection of High Shear Mixers

High shear mixers are essential equipment in various industries. Several factors need to be considered for selection of high shear mixer.

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Shear Mixer Machine

A shear mixer machine, also known as a high shear mixer, is a versatile and powerful tool used in various industries for mixing and homogenizing.

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High Shear Mixing Blade

High shear mixing blades are commonly used in various industrial processes. They are designed to create a powerful mixing shear force.

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High Shear Homogenizer

High shear homogenizer is a type of device used to mix, emulsify, and disperse materials. It is useful for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage.

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Work Head of High Shear Mixer

The work head is a crucial component of a high shear mixer, playing a vital role in its functionality and performance.

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High Shear Mixer and Pesticide Industry

High shear mixers have a wide range of applications across various industries, and one such industry where they play a significant role is the pesticide…

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The life of peristaltic pump hose

The life of a peristaltic pump hose depends on several factors such as the quality of the hose material, the frequency of use……

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Function and Purpose of Mixing

The purpose of mixing operation with liquid is often divided into four cases, such as liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, solid-liquid, and gas-liquid-solid etc.

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Complete Automatic Car Paint Production Line

SeFluid’s Complete Automatic Car Paint Production Line can meet the high-quality requirement of car and auto paints. Our lines are widely used by auto manufacturers over the world.

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Complete Oil Based Automatic Paint Production Line

Oil based paint is usually used for metal, wood and industrial purpose. SeFluid’s complete oil based automatic paint production Line series is specially designed for all oil or solvent based paints.