Introduction of High Viscosity Double Planetary Mixer

The High viscosity double planetary mixer is a kind of special equipment for mixing ultra-high viscosity materials. Users can choose different mixing paddles according to different production processes and material characteristics. In addition, due to the equipped vacuum system, it can effectively avoid the generation of bubbles and foam while processing. This mixer is especially suitable for mixing, dissolving and mutual reaction from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials.

High viscosity double planetary mixer | SeFluid


Mixer Power

2.2-45 kw

Disperser Power

2.2-55 kw


15-1000 L/batch

Low Speed

20-42 rpm

High Speed

960-2980 rpm

Principle of High Viscosity Double Planetary Mixer

The high viscosity double planetary mixer is equipped with a low speed stirring part and a high-speed dispersing part. The low speed stirring parts are driven by planetary gears, and the stirring paddles also rotate when they revolve, so that the material moves up and down and around, so as to achieve the ideal mixing effect in a short period of time.

The high-speed dispersing part revolves with the planet carrier, and rotates at high speed at the same time, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and dispersing mixing, and its effect is several times that of the ordinary mixer. 

The two double-frame agitators revolve and rotate at the same time in the barrel, which can realize vacuuming, heating and cooling. According to the situation, the machine can realize speed adjustment, equipped with multiple mixing barrels, and can operate with multiple barrels in one machine. Matching the pressing machine can make the discharge more convenient.

Feature of High Viscosity Double Planetary Mixer


Spiral stirring paddle for up / down of raw material to get shorter mixing time and better mixing performance.


Trapezoidal soft seal between mechanical seal and tank for material processing under vacuum.


Jacketed tank and system for heating or cooling. Unique temperature detection device for temperature error of the material less than ±1°C.


With speed measuring system, adjustable speed for stirring paddle according to different processes and different viscosities.

Application of High Viscosity Double Planetary Mixer

In recent years, high viscosity double planetary mixer has become necessary equipment in more and more industries. In particular, as the trend of world energy changes, it is used more and more widely in the development of new energy.

New Energy

Various battery slurries and pastes (lithium batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, fuel cells, power batteries).


Solder paste, ceramic slurry, magnetic material, silicone ink, electronic adhesive, pvc plastic, potting glue for electronic and electrical devices, hot melt adhesive.


Production of various sealants, silicone sealants, structural sealants, anaerobic adhesives, mold adhesives, synthetic resin rubber, putty and abrasives paste.


Various ointments, polymer gels (medical stickers, pediatric antipyretic stickers, cold quick stickers, ice stickers, eye stickers), dental products.


Production of body cream, lipstick, lotion, gel, mask, mascara, foundation, nail polish, toothpaste, soap and most high viscosity daily chemicals.


Mixing processing of various pastes, paste-like mixtures, seasonings, jams, chocolate syrups and most high viscosity material which is hard for conventional mixer to handle.


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