Introduction of Inline High Shear Pump

The inline high shear pump is a kind of high efficiency mixing equipment. It can improve the mixing efficiency by more than 90% than an agitator. Meanwhile, it has a better mixing effect. This mixer is a precision combination of rotor and stator. The rotor/stator assembly generates strong shearing force in high-speed rotation.

So, inline high shear pump can achieve the purpose of mixing, crushing and emulsifying. This efficient in-pipeline dispersing equipment can continuously process materials and eliminate the quality difference between batches. The basic structure consists of a pump cavity and a pair of fixed rotors. SeFluid’s inline high shear pump series can mix mediums with different substance phases efficiently and evenly. And the substance phases become mutually insoluble. 

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1.5-132 kw


1.5-130 m³/h

Pipe Connection

Flange, clamp 


SS304, SS316

Principle of Inline High Shear Pump

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The basic working principle of an inline high shear pump involves the following steps:

Fluid Intake

The pump is connected to a fluid source, typically through an inlet pipe. The fluid enters the pump through the inlet and is directed towards the rotor/stator assembly.

Rotor-Stator Assembly

The key component of an inline high shear pump is the rotor-stator assembly. The rotor consists of a rotating shaft with multiple blades or teeth, while the stator is a stationary part with corresponding grooves or channels. The rotor and stator are precisely engineered to create a narrow gap between them.

Centrifugal Force

As the fluid passes through the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, the rapidly rotating rotor blades create a strong centrifugal force. This force pushes the fluid outward towards the stator, creating a high-velocity flow.

Mechanical Shearing

As the fluid moves through the gap, it experiences intense mechanical shearing forces. The shearing action is a result of the interaction between the rotor and stator blades, which continuously cut and disperse the fluid into small particles or droplets.

High Shear Zone

Within the narrow gap, a region of high shear is formed. This high shear zone subjects the fluid to intense turbulence, which effectively breaks down larger particles or aggregates, promotes mixing, and ensures thorough dispersion.

Homogenization and Emulsification

The combination of centrifugal force and mechanical shearing action leads to the formation of fine emulsions and homogeneous mixtures. The high shear pump effectively reduces particle size, eliminates agglomerates, and creates a uniform distribution of components within the fluid.

Fluid Discharge

Once the fluid has passed through the rotor-stator assembly, it is discharged through an outlet pipe. The resulting homogenized or emulsified fluid can be used in various industrial processes, such as food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical production, and more.

Features of Inline High Shear Pump


Large processing capacity, high efficiency.


Ideal for inline continuous production.


With self pumping ability.


Applicable for automatic system.


Eliminate differences quality between batches.


Narrow particle size, high particle uniformity.

Shear Part of Inline High Shear Pump

Shear Part | Inline High Shear Mixer | inline high shear pump | SeFluid

According to different material properties, we can choose different shearing parts for the machine. In most cases, toothed stators and rotors can meet the needs of most applications. However, for some special materials, the rotor may need to be a shear impeller style, while the stator may need to be a round hole, a grid hole or a belt hole shape to meet different mixing applications. The spacing between the stator and rotor is very close, usually less than 0.5mm.

Accessories of Inline High Shear Pump

Cooling System

During the homogenization of some materials, a large amount of heat is generated. If this heat is not removed in time, it may affect the quality of the final product. On our mixer heads, an optional cooling jacket is available to avoid this.

Sampling Valve

During the mixing process, it may be necessary to sample the material being homogenized. In addition, after the homogenization process is completed, the residual liquid in the working chamber needs to be removed for the next operation. For this reason, spare valves are preset at the bottom of our machine heads for easy sampling inspection and removal of residual liquids.

Protective Cover

Some materials, especially corrosive materials, may splash and contaminate the machine during the operation of the machine. To this end, we equip each inline high shear pump with a splash guard cover to keep the machine running safely.

Applications of Inline High Shear Pump

With advances in mixing technology, inline high shear pump has become one of essential mixer categories in many industries today.

Mixed Dissolution

Soluble solid or liquid and liquid are dissolved together in a molecular or colloidal state.  Crystalline powder, salt, sugar, ether sulfate etc.

Dispersed Suspension

Incompatible solids and liquids form smaller particle size mixtures or suspensions. Catalysts, matting agents, pigments and paints.


Make emulsification and suspension particle size smaller and more evenly distributed. Cream, condiments, juice, jam, cheese.


The non-phase solution of the liquid cream. Ice cream, animal oil, vegetable oil, protein, silicone oil or light oil, mineral oil.


Nano powder, agglomerated powder.


Eddy current extraction.

Slurry Making

Tissue of cell, organic, animal and plant.

Chemical Reaction

Nanomatcrials, aeration & synthesis acceleration.

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