Industrial Peristaltic Hose Pump | Squeeze Pump | tube pump | SeFluid
China made peristaltic hose pump with durable hose, high pressure, no need of lubricant, low maintenance costs and high performance.
SeFluid sanitary pump is specially designed for pumping of milk, yogurt, beverage, drinks and other fluid with high sanitary standard need.
Stainless steel hygienic rotary lobe pump, with high precision, long life, easy to use. Good for chemical, food, pharmacy, drinks and cosmetics.
SeFluid's canned motor pump, can work without leak, no need of lubricant and seal, low noise and low maintain cost, various types.
Mortar spraying machine for various wall coating material. Ideal for fast coating of cement, concrete, plaster, putty etc. High pressure and long life.
Stainless steel hygienic Sinusoidal Pump from SeFluid, ideal for high viscosity or shear sensitive. Good for food and pharmaceutical industries.
Sanitary screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump. Its key parts are a screw rotor and a screw bush. SeFluid is excellent for producing it.
Peristaltic pump hose is a type of special hoses with good resistance to abrasion and corrosion. SeFluid produces replacement hoses with long life.
Twin screw pump is a type of positive displacement pumps that are widely used for the transfer of liquids with high viscosity or containing solids.
Flexible impeller pump from China manufacturer with high efficiency, quick delivery and strict quality control for various industries.