Definition of Laboratory Bead Mill

Laboratory bead mill is a kind of superfine milling machine specially designed for small batch or trial production. It can reach nano level on fineness. This machine is mainly composed of electrical control system, sealing system, bearing system, and grinding system. The material for all its milling parts is high hardness zirconia to assure durability and excellent milling quality. Due to high milling performance and easy operation, a laboratory bead mill is one of key equipment for trial production in some factories and scientific research institutions.

In some applications, it is sometimes only necessary to mill a very small amount of material at a high degree of fineness. A small amount of trial product is enough for testing the product. When manufacturers get the desired product quality level, then they will send the trial product to factories for high volume production. This is often the case in industries such as cosmetics, inks, paints, rubber products and pesticides. 

A SeFluid compact laboratory bead mill is just designed for above purpose. On our laboratory bead mills, we use hygienic stainless steel for the main components. Ultra-fine grade zirconium beads and easy operation interface provides users with high-quality product for trial production.

laboratory Bead Mill | SeFluid



0.37-2 kw


0.2-4 L/batch


0.5-1.5mm, zirconia


SS304, SS316

Principle of Laboratory Bead Mill

The laboratory bead mill motor drives the internal stirring rods to rotate at high speed. Then the raw material in feeding hopper flows into the milling chamber. Inside the milling chamber, high hardness zirconia small beads are driven by the rotation of the stirring rods to produce force in each direction and irregular movement. The particles in proceeded fluid continuously collide and frict. At the same time, a screen with micro clearance will separate the proceeded material and the grinding beads. Finally, the milled material will flow out after the screen after processing.

Features of Laboratory Bead Mill


Ideal for small amount of material grinding in the laboratory.


Good grinding fineness——can reach below 1 micrometer.


High milling efficiency, 2/3 milling time of usual mills.


Ceramic milling chamber and moving parts, super high hardness.


Adjustable speed controlled by VFD for best grinding effect.


Built-in self-priming pump system, reducing the cleaning work.


Dispersion line Speed: 10-13 m/s (3kgf)


With High sensitivity thermometer.


Large end face mechanical seal, reliable and safe seal; long service life.


Double-end mechanical seal with light oil cooling and observation wiondow


Mechanical seal coolant delivery: pump delivery and circulating cooling water cooling


Milling Structure: rod pin type, greatly improve the milling efficiency with better fineness.


With diaphragm pump and pipeline for medium feeding.


High efficiency cooling system for working head and feeding hopper.


Material of grinding parts: zirconia ceramic for rod pins, ideal for general grinding applications.


Feeding Pump: DN10 diaphragm pump, tetrafluoro diaphragm, aluminum alloy casing, 


Static discharge mode, 0.4mm (customizable) gap screen ring separator, large separator overflow area, no blocking to the separation gap and smooth discharge of output.


High hardness wear-resistant special ceramics for working chamber and rotor assembly; no metal ion contamination to milled medium, and no discoloration to milled medium.

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