Introduction of High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer

High shear bottom entry mixer is a kind of mixers with high shear work head and mounted at the bottom of a tank or reactor. It has multi functions include mixing, dispersing, thinning, homogenizing, and emulsifying. This type of mixers is generally used in conjunction with batch high shear mixer, inline high shear mixer, agitator and other equipment. It can more effectively solve the problems of pulverization and emulsification of bottom sediment that cannot be solved by other equipment.

SeFluid’s  high shear bottom entry mixer series is ideal for lots of industries. Especially, it is good for the emulsification and homogenization of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, mining, paper, water treatment and fine chemical industries.

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50-10000 L/batch

Work Head Shape

Tooth, hole


SS304, SS316

Principle of High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer

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On the mixer, the shearing assembly are in precise coordination with each other.  Its rotor has extremely high linear speed and high-frequency mechanical effect of the strong kinetic energy. Therefore, the medium flowing through the rotor/stator precision gap can be proceeded by shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, tearing and turbulence and other comprehensive action. Consequently, a high degree of dispersion, grinding and emulsification effect will occur.

Features of High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer

The high shear bottom entry mixer offers the following main features:

Efficient Emulsification

Utilizing high-speed shearing principles, it rapidly emulsifies immiscible liquids, resulting in stable and uniform emulsions with fine particles.


Suitable for emulsification of liquids with various viscosities and concentrations, catering to different process requirements in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries.

Rapid Operation

The high-speed rotor-stator assembly enables fast emulsification, saving production time.

Strong Stability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the equipment provides robustness and reliability.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

With a simple structure, it is easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain, facilitating component replacement.

Automated Control

Can be equipped with advanced control systems, it allows for automated control and monitoring of the emulsification process, enhancing production efficiency and quality stability.

Advantages of SeFluid's High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer


Simple installation and disassembly, easy cleaning.


Narrow particle distribution range and good particle uniformity.


Low noise, stable operation and easy maintenance.


No dead processing angle, medium is 100% mixed.


With strong self-suction ability.


Time saving and high production efficiency.

Work Head of High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer

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According to the different properties and types of processing materials, our high-shear bottom entry mixer can adopt different working head structures, mainly including helical tooth shape, vertical tooth shape, round hole shape, square hole shape and capsule hole shape. The user only needs to tell us the properties of the material, such as the particle size and viscosity, etc., and our engineers can select or specially design the most suitable and efficient work head form for the user to meet the different application needs of the customer.

Application of High Shear Bottom Entry Mixer

A high-shear bottom-mounted emulsifying machine is widely used in the fields of food, cosmetics, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. It can be used for the following processes:


Can evenly mix immiscible liquids such as oil-water, water-oil, and fats.


Can evenly mix various liquids, powders, and solids.


Can evenly disperse solids in liquids.


Can further refine the particle size of the emulsified liquid.

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