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High Shear Batch Mixer

Introduction of High Shear Batch Mixer

The high shear batch mixer is a new kind of high efficiency mixer comparing to usual agitators. It is many times more efficient on mixing. On its work head, there is a pair of stator and rotor. The stator and rotor form a scissor-like bite between them, and the rotor blades have a shape similar to centrifugal paddles. There are powerful propellers on the mixer. When running, fluids are forced between the stator and rotor in continuous cycle, then the fluids are forced to be sheared and mixed. As a result, users can obtain high quality and stable mixed product in a very short time.

The mixing head integrates four functions of dispersing, dissolving, emulsifying, mixing and crushing. SeFluid’s high shear batch mixer series is widely used in many industries. For instance, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dyeing and paint production.

High Shear Batch Mixer | SeFluid



1.5 – 37 kw


20-5000 L/batch

Work Head Shape

Tooth, hole


SS304, SS316

Principle of High Shear Batch Mixer

How a high shear batch mixer works | SeFluid

SeFluid’s high shear batch mixer series is composed of frame, rotor and stator. Driven by the motor, the machine generates strong centrifugal force at high speed. Meanwhile, the material is simultaneously drawn into the working chamber. The flow route is upper and lower feeding areas of the working head from the axial direction. The strong centrifugal force throws the material from the radial direction. And, the material flows into the narrow and precise gap of shearing parts.

In addition to the violent motor movement and liquid shear, the raw material also will experience extrusion, impact, tearing and friction, then constantly cycle up and down tumbling during the whole process.

Due to dead angle and whirlpool, the upper material may be difficult to move into the shear head. Therefore, the shear head has a claw and two-way suction structure to avoid above problem by generating strong centrifugal force. Meanwhile, the rotor works at high speed of 15 m/s to 40 m/s. Subsequently, strong mechanical, hydraulic shear, liquid layer friction and impact tear occurs.

At the same time, the medium and fluid constantly flows from the stator slot hole. When the flow meets the container wall resistance, it changes the flow direction. After that, the upper and lower two strong turbulent wheezing flow forms. As a result, the medium and fluid repeatedly moves from the shear head up and down for homogenizing. After numerous cycles, the high shear batch mixer rapidly crushes particles into sub-micron finesse. And it disperses, mix, emulsify and homogenize particles with fluid in a short time.

Work Head of High Shear Batch Mixer

For a high shear batch mixer, different shear heads with different shapes have different mixing effects. According to the actual working conditions, users can choose different stator heads to meet different processes:

workhead of high shear batch mixer | SeFluid
work head of high shear batch mixer | SeFluid

Mesh Shape

It is suitable for mixing low-viscosity liquid with the highest shear rate. Further, it is most suitable for the preparation of emulsion and the crushing and dissolving process of small particles in liquid.

Long Hole Shape

Suitable for rapid crushing of medium solid particles and mixing of medium viscosity liquid. Long hole of batch high shear mixer work head provides the maximum area of good circulation for surface shear.

Round Hole Shape

Ideal for general mixing or crushing of large particles. The original hole in the stator head provides the best circulation of all the stator. In addition, it is suitable for handling materials with higher viscosity.

Advantages of High Shear Batch Mixer

High shear batch mixers offer several advantages in various industries and applications. Here are some of the key advantages of using high shear batch mixers:

Efficient Mixing

High shear mixers are designed to deliver intense mechanical forces that create a high level of turbulence and shear in the mixing chamber. This results in rapid and efficient mixing of ingredients, ensuring uniform distribution and dispersion of components throughout the mixture. It can significantly reduce the mixing time compared to other mixing methods.

Improved Product Quality

The intense shear forces generated by high shear mixers help break down agglomerates, dissolve powders, and disperse liquids, resulting in a more homogenous and consistent product. This leads to improved product quality, reduced batch-to-batch variation, and enhanced product stability.

Scalability of High Shear Batch Mixer

High shear batch mixers are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for both small-scale laboratory experiments and large-scale industrial production. They can be easily scaled up or down to meet the specific production requirements.


High shear mixers can handle a wide range of viscosities, from low to high, making them suitable for a diverse range of applications. They can mix different types of materials, including powders, liquids, and semi-solids, allowing for flexibility in formulation and processing.

Energy Efficiency

High shear batch mixers are designed to provide efficient mixing while consuming less energy compared to other mixing methods. The intense shear forces generated by the mixer can reduce the mixing time, thereby minimizing the overall energy consumption during the mixing process.

Process Control

High shear mixers offer better control over the mixing process. They can be equipped with various features and options such as adjustable mixing speeds, temperature control, and the ability to introduce additives or ingredients at specific stages of the mixing process. This allows for precise control and optimization of the mixing parameters to achieve the desired product characteristics.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

High shear batch mixers are typically designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. They often have removable mixing heads or blades, allowing for quick and thorough cleaning between batches. This helps minimize downtime and ensures product quality and hygiene.

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The work head is a crucial component of a high shear mixer, playing a vital role in its functionality and performance.
High shear homogenizer is a type of device used to mix, emulsify, and disperse materials. It is useful for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage.
High shear mixing blades are commonly used in various industrial processes. They are designed to create a powerful mixing shear force.
Laboratory high shear mixer is a kind of equipment for laboratory research and development to emulsify liquid mixtures into stable emulsions.
High shear mixers are essential equipment in various industries. Several factors need to be considered for selection of high shear mixer.
Explore the science and applications of high shear emulsifiers, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to food.


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