high speed disperser | SeFluid
High speed disperser, dispersion mixer and machine; hydraulic lifting, high efficiency; Ideal for paint, ink, chemical and food production.
Discover the efficiency and versatility of SeFluid's ribbon blenders in various industries, from food processing to pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
Magnetic Agitator is a type of bottom or top entry mixer with function of no seal, smooth mixing, low noise, high efficiency and long life.
The industrial agitator is a kind of device used for mixing and stirring chemicals or other substances inside a tank, reactor, vessel or container.
V blender is a high-efficiency asymmetric mixer. It is suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, food, and ceramics.
High Viscosity Coaxial Vacuum Mixer is a type of mixer for mixing high viscosity fluids. It fits applications for cosmetic, paint and chemical fields.
High viscosity double planetary mixer is a special equipment for mixing ultra-high viscosity materials. With vacuum system, it also can avoid bubble.