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China made ultrasonic homogenizer for laboratory scale or industrial purpose; Made of titanium alloy, high efficiency, long life.
China made high performance process tank, function customized for mixing, dispersing homogenizing, heating, cooling or storage.
China made industrial reaction tank with customized design, high efficiency, quick delivery and strict quality control for various industries.
A tank agitator is a device used in industrial processes to mix or stir the contents of a tank or vessel. It is commonly used in various industries.
A Hygienic Centrifugal Pump is a specialized type of pump designed with strict adherence to hygiene and sanitation standards.
SeFluid's tank mixer can highly improve user's mixing efficiency with high performance, long life low maintain cost and high quality.
China made and designed batch reactor by SeFluid for chemical and other purpose with high efficiency; customizable and high performance.
Explore the science and applications of high shear emulsifiers, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to food.
Discover the latest in basket sand mill technology for precise grinding. Optimize your production with our durable mills.
Discover the top benefits and applications of vertical agitators. Learn why SeFluid's innovative designs enhance efficiency in various industries.
Discover the efficiency and reliability of helical rotor pumps by SeFluid. Learn about their key benefits and advanced features in various industries.