Inline High Shear Mixer

The inline high shear mixer is a kind of equipment for large-volume rapid mixing. It can quickly mix a variety of different substance phases (gases, liquids, and solids) together. This mixer type uses a strong mechanical shear force for mixing, rather than relying on the material’s own flow to achieve mixing. Therefore, an inline high shear mixer has higher efficiency than a usual agitator. Moreover, it can complete a series of tasks such as dispersing, emulsifying, and crushing at the same time during mixing.

SeFluid has been a leading manufacturer of high shear mixers for 20 years. Our professional engineering team has years of extensive experience and can match pipeline high shear mixers with the most suitable parameters based on the actual operating conditions of our customers. With high-quality products and excellent service, our products are marketed to various industries in over 60 countries worldwide, earning the trust of our users.

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Power: 1.5-90 kW
Capacity: 1.5-110 m³/h
Speed: 2930 rpm
Material: SS304, SS316

How Inline High Shear Mixers Work?


Inside an inline high shear mixer, there is one or more rotors fixed on the shaft. Each rotor corresponds to a stator. The gap between the stator and rotor is less than 0.5 mm. On the stator and rotor, there are interlocking teeth and there is a gap between the teeth. When the stator rotates at high speed, it generates a strong centrifugal force and leads to a negative pressure to draw the fluid into the work head. 

When the fluid enters the gap between the stator and the rotor’s teeth, it is strongly sheared, homogenized and emulsified together with the surrounding medium, finally achieving a good mixing effect and being discharged from the discharge outlet.

Features of Inline High Shear Mixer

100% Mixing and No Dead Spots

Usual agitator may form sludge and settle at the container bottom. Moreover, it is hard to mix materials with different physical gravity such as water and oil. By using a SeFluid’s inline high shear mixer, the external cycling, strong shear and mechanical kinetic energy can mix the fluids well. So, it is easy to avoid the agitator’s shortage. There will be full mixing and homogenizing.

Better for High Speed Dissolving

The mixer can make solubilizing to have higher efficiency. When the high-speed rotor sucks liquid and solid materials into the working chamber. The fluid will experience intense targeted shear in rotor/stator assembly. With each pass, the particle size will become smaller. Then the surface area of particles increases to the surrounding liquid and speed up the solubilization process.

Mixing Fluids with Different Viscosity

If blend miscible liquids with similar viscosities, an agitator will be suitable. But sometimes there is a big difference in viscosity between blended liquids. The liquids may move around, yet there is no actual blending between them. Moreover, it will take a long time to get a good blending. SeFluid’s inline high shear mixer series mixes the fluids rapidly and blend fluids almost instantaneously in a single pass. It is very suitable choice for continuous dilutions.

With Self-pumping Ability

In conventional mixing, there is a pump for feeding raw materials. Feeding pumps may cause excessive energy consumption, leak, or a mismatch between pumping and mixing capacity. Consequently, poor mixing performance or even jamming will happen. In our inline high shear mixers, the shearing parts generates strong centrifugal force to draw the fluid into working chamber and can pump the fluid up to 20 meters, no need of feeding pump.

Better for Emulsion Making

To make the droplet size as small as possible is very important. More shear energy will get smaller suspended droplets and a better stable emulsion. SeFluid’s inline mixer series is very ideal for this application. It can easily obtain an emulsion with a droplet size of 2 to 5 microns, even smaller size down to 0.5 microns also can be get based on different formulations. We produce all types of high shear mixers for making of emulsions.

Stage of Inline High Shear Mixer

For an inline high shear mixer, one stage means a pair of stator and rotor. A single stage means that the machine has only one pair of stator and rotor in the working head. Similarly, three stages mean three pairs of stators and rotors in the working head. For each stage, the medium is sheared and mixed at least once. Usually, the more stages mean the more times the fluid is sheared, the finer and better the final mixing effect. At the same time, the flow rate is also lower, because the kinetic energy of the fluid is lost with each mixing. Therefore, the selection of stage quantity should be based on the characteristics of processed fluid.

Accessories of Inline High Shear Mixer

In addition to the shear components, an inline high shear mixer has some other important auxiliary components that are critical to the mixing process.

High Efficiency Heating / Cooling Jacket

First, in the mixing process of some special materials, such as in the production of modified bitumen, high temperatures are required to keep the bitumen liquid, while in the mixing process of biological agents, lower temperatures is necessary. Therefore, in some special applications, there is a jacket layer round the working head for heating or cooling, with high temperature liquid or cooling liquid circulating to meet different mixing application needs.

Valve for Sampling and Draining

Secondly, after each batch of mixing work is completed, there will be a certain amount of residue left in the working chamber, which may deteriorate over time and thus affect the next batch of production. In addition, during the closed production process, the user may need to take micro-samples at any time to observe the mixing effect. Therefore, there are additional small drainage ports with valves on the working head for draining or sampling.

SS304 Splash Protection Cover (optional)

Moreover, in certain industries with high hygienic requirements, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc., a stainless steel splash production shield is necessary to the cover the motor to prevent contamination or corrosion of the machine by spilled liquids and to facilitate the cleaning of the inline high shear mixer. Meanwhile, At the same time, this shield can effectively protect the operators of the production line and prevent accidents.

The Reason to Take SeFluid's Inline High Shear Mixer Series

Experienced Fluid Handling Engineering Team

SeFluid has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing fluid handling equipment. Over the years, our engineering team has accumulated a wealth of experience in fluid handling cases based on our tens of thousands of real-world applications. Upon receiving an inquiry from a customer, our strong engineering and technical teams are able to quickly select the best mixing solution and equipment configuration for the customer based on their actual application needs.

Precision Manufacturing

We use precision multi-axis machining centers on producing inline high shear mixer parts to avoid the use of welding processes as much as possible. Especially for the shear assembly, we insist on using a single piece to machine out the assembly; Meanwhile, many our competitors weld the shear teeth to the stator or rotor. As a result, our mixers have higher mechanical strength and longer life. Moreover, because our manufacturing machinery is more precise, SeFluid’s mixers are less noisy and has better mixing effect.

Strict Quality Control

SeFluid regards the quality of our products as important as life. Therefore, we always put strict quality requirements throughout the production of products. During the production, we implement ISO quality management system into every process. Our technicians measure and check the strength and dimensional accuracy of every mechanical part, find defective products and select them in time, thus ensuring that only qualified and well-performing machines and equipment are delivered to customers.

Full-time Service & Support

Excellent service is one of key factors for users to purchase a machine or not. Therefore, providing good pre-sales and after-sales services is one of SeFluid’s cornerstones of surviving and development. At any time, we will provide full-time service and support by e-mail, telephone, video or sending engineers to the site. It is our consistent orientation to timely solve emergencies and failures for our customers in a fast manner and to minimize the impact of user’s downtime on production.


Inline high shear mixers are versatile equipment used in various industries for mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, and homogenizing fluids and suspensions. They offer several benefits, including efficient and uniform mixing, reduced process time, and improved product quality. Here are some common applications of inline high shear mixers:

Water Treatment

Inline high shear mixers play a crucial role in the water treatment industry for processes like flocculation, coagulation, and chemical dosing. They are used to disperse and activate chemicals, such as coagulants and flocculants, to improve the efficiency of water treatment processes. These mixers assist in achieving rapid and uniform mixing, enhancing the removal of impurities, and optimizing the overall treatment performance.

Food and Beverage

Inline high shear mixers are widely used in the food and beverage industry for emulsifying, blending, and dispersing ingredients. They are employed in the production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, dairy products, beverages, and various food additives. These mixers ensure the uniform distribution of flavors, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other ingredients, resulting in consistent product quality.

Paint and Coatings

In the paint and coatings industry, inline high shear mixers are utilized for pigment dispersion, particle size reduction, and achieving consistent color and texture. They help in achieving better color development, reducing agglomerates, and ensuring the smooth and uniform application of paints and coatings.

Chemical Industry

Inline high shear mixers find extensive application in the chemical industry for homogenizing, emulsifying, and dispersing liquids and powders. They are used in the production of paints, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, polymers, and various chemical additives. These mixers enable efficient blending of different components and enhance product consistency and quality.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, inline high shear mixers are utilized for emulsifying, dispersing, and creating stable suspensions. They are used in the formulation and production of creams, lotions, ointments, gels, and various personal care products. The high shear generated by these mixers helps in achieving fine particle size reduction, improving product stability, and enhancing the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients.

Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, inline high shear mixers are employed for various processes such as emulsification, dispersion, and homogenization of oil-water mixtures, as well as blending of different petroleum-based products. They are used in the production of fuels, lubricants, emulsions, and other petrochemical derivatives. These mixers ensure proper mixing of different components, minimize phase separation, and improve product stability.

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