Advantages of basket millBasket mill is a kind of high-efficiency grinding dispersion equipment used in the paint industry. It is a multi-functional equipment that combines grinding and dispersing two processes.

There are many Advantages of basket mill. Its head is fixed with a basket, filled with a grind body, when working, grinding basket immersed in the slurry, grinding basket in the mixing rod high-speed movement, resulting in a strong suction force, the slurry into the basket containing the grinding body for dispersion, grinding.

Under the action of centrifugal force, the dispersion disc throws the material from the basket, forming a high-efficiency cycle grinding. In the production of paint Basket mills are very widely used, and the market recognized basket mill is due to the basket mill unique way of working, can overcome some shortcomings of horizontal mill, more in line with the needs of the market. The main advantages of basket mills compared to horizontal mills are:

1, compared to the horizontal mill pass process, basket mill to save labor, do not need to be on duty;

2, the remains are small, the yield rate is high. Compared with horizontal mill, basket mill residue can be ignored, high yield, especially suitable for small batch, multi-variety production.

3. Simple structure, easy to remove and clean, especially without the feed pump and the corresponding lines, making cleaning and color change work easier.

However, with the progress of grinding technology and manufacturing technology, the basket sander has also achieved a technological leap, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional traditions, and creating a new situation. In particular, the introduction of the SeFluid basket sander has solved some of the shortcomings of the basket sander over the years and significantly improved the grinding efficiency.

For SeFluid products, the main advantage of basket mill is:

  1. Changed the traditional basket sanding machine from the basket around or the bottom of the feeding method, more smooth discharge, follow the large amount of bad, more can play the advantages of the inside of the cylinder bad grinding.
  2. Double-wall grinding basket, double-wall pull cylinder, can be cooled water, reduce solvent volatilization, low cost and environmental protection.
  3. Through specially designed basket and rotor structure and the application of high-wear alloy steel, reduce metal pollution, grinding white pulp color change.
  4. Apply static separation technology to discharge technology. A minimum of 0.3 mm grinding beads can be used.
  5. The service life of consumables such as the feed net is more than 10 times longer than that of traditional models, which significantly reduces the cost of production.

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