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Function and Purpose of Mixing

The mixing operation with liquid as the main body is often divided into four cases, such as liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, solid-liquid, and gas-liquid-solid. Mixing can be an independent fluid mechanics unit of operation to promote mixing as the main purpose, such as liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid suspension, gas-liquid dispersion, liquid-liquid dispersion and liquid-liquid emulsification, etc.; and is often the necessary means to complete other unit of operation to promote the burst of heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction as the main purpose, such as in the mixing equipment for fluid heating and cooling, extraction, absorption, dissolution, crystallization, polymerization and other operations.

To summarize, the operational purpose of mixing is mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

  • To make the immiscible liquid mix uniformly, prepare uniform mixture, emulsion, and strengthen the mass transfer process.
  • To make the gas fully dispersed in the liquid and strengthen the mass transfer or chemical reaction.
  • Prepare uniform suspensions to promote accelerated dissolution, leaching or liquid-solid chemical reactions of solids.
  • Strengthen heat transfer and prevent local overheating or overcooling.
function and purpose of mixing - SeFluid