Introduction of High Speed Disperser

The high speed disperser is a kind of equipment that can quickly and efficiently disperse solid particles or soluble solids in a liquid medium. It works by transferring energy from a rotating disc blade to the mixture, creating shear forces that break down the agglomerates and aggregates of the solids. SeFluid’s high speed disperser series is very suitable for high-speed mixing and processing of dispersion. The products are widely used in various industries, such as paints, coatings, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. 

hydraulic high speed disperser | SeFluid



4-110 kw

Batch Capacity

200-7000 L

Max Speed

1500 rpm

Lift Distance


Principle of High Speed Disperser

The principle of a high speed disperser is based on the generation of high shear forces in a liquid medium. It consists of a motor, a shaft, and a blade that rotates at high speeds to create a shearing and turbulence effect in the liquid medium.

When the blade rotates, it creates a vortex in the liquid medium, drawing in the materials to be dispersed. As the materials are drawn into the vortex, they are subjected to high shear forces generated by the blade. The high shear forces cause the materials to break apart and disperse in the liquid medium.

The disperser blade is designed to generate high shear forces by accelerating the materials to high velocities and then decelerating them rapidly. This creates a shearing effect that breaks down agglomerates and ensures uniform distribution of materials in the liquid medium. Speed of the disperser blade can be adjusted to control the intensity of the shear forces. Higher speeds result in more intense shear forces, while lower speeds result in less intense shear forces.

High speed dispersers are often used in combination with other mixing equipment, such as tanks or vessels, to ensure efficient mixing and dispersion of materials. The liquid medium may also be heated or cooled to optimize the mixing process.

Advantages of High Speed Disperser

Safe and Convenient Operation

Hydraulic cylinder for controlling working head’s up/stop/down; Easy to clean, disassembly and replace the dispersing blade; Various blades for different mediums. Different clamping types (Belt Clamping, Manual Rotation Clamping, Pneumatic Clamping) for fixing tanks.

Higher Efficiency

SeFluid’s high speed disperser series have a speed up to 2930rpm, and the linear velocity is over 20m/s. Our machines can rapidly disperse the powder in the liquid evenly. Due to its high shear forces, the material will be uniformly dispersed and formed a good suspension effect.

Various Installation Way

Multiple installation modes are available: Floor type, platform type and in tank type installation for options.

More Specification Options

Explosion-proof type, vacuum type, multi-tanks type, co-axial type and dual-shaft type; Material can be SS304\SS321 \SS316\SS316L.

Applications of High Speed Disperser

In many industries, high speed disperser is one of the essential equipment. Especially in paint, coating and chemical industries, it is widely used. Here are some application examples:


Production of paints, coatings, and pigments. Dispersing and blending of raw materials, such as pigments, fillers, binders, and solvents, to achieve a homogeneous and consistent mixture.

Adhesives & Sealants

Manufacturing of adhesives and sealants. Dispersing and mixing various components, such as resins, solvents, fillers, and additives, to create a uniform adhesive or sealant formulation.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Production of creams, lotions, gels, and emulsions. Blending and dispersing of ingredients like oils, emulsifiers, thickeners and fragrances, ensuring a smooth and consistent product texture.


Preparation of suspensions, ointments, and creams. Dispersing active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and other additives to achieve uniform distribution and enhance product stability.

Food and Beverage

Mixing and blending various ingredients. Production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, dairy products and beverages and more; achieving uniform emulsification and distribution of ingredients.

Chemical Industry

High-speed dispersers are widely used for mixing and dispersing chemicals, resins and additives. They facilitate the production of chemicals to ensure consistent and efficient blending.


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