Introduction of Rotary Lobe Pump

The Rotary Lobe Pump is a kind of positive displacement pumps that consists of two or more lobes rotating inside a casing. The lobes are shaped like a figure-eight and as they turn, they create a fluid pocket that travels around the casing, allowing a constant flow of liquid to be transported. Fluid flows into the pump through a suction port and exits through a discharge port, providing a pulse-free flow.

Rotary Lobe Pumps are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries for the transfer of viscous liquids and slurries, such as chocolate, yogurt, ointments, and adhesives. The design of these pumps allows for minimal shear and degradation of the product, making them an ideal choice for delicate and shear-sensitive materials. Additionally, they can handle large solids and are resistant to abrasion. SeFluid’s rotary lobe pump series has technical advantages such as new structure, small volume, small pressure, high flow head and good precision.

Rotary Lobe Pump | SeFluid



0.55-22 kw


300-43000 m³/h


200-500 rpm


SS304, SS316

Principle of Rotary Lobe Pump

Principle of rotary lobe pump work - 4 | SeFluid
Stage A
Principle of rotary lobe pump work - 2 | SeFluid
Stage B
Principle of rotary lobe pump work - 3 | SeFluid
Stage C
Principle of rotary lobe pump work - 4 | SeFluid
Stage D

The main components of a rotary lobe pump are the rotor housing and two symmetrically rotating lobes, often referred to as rotors. These rotors are synchronized using external timing gears, ensuring they rotate without touching. As the rotors revolve, they create expanding cavities on the inlet side, allowing the pump to draw the fluid in. As the rotors continue to revolve, the fluid is transported around the pump casing to the discharge side. The space between the rotors decreases, compressing the fluid and pushing it out of the pump.

Advantages of SeFluid's Rotary Lobe Pump

Advantages of SeFluid's Rotary Lobe Pump


SeFluid’s rotary lobe pumps can handle a wide range of substances, from low-viscosity fluids to high-viscosity pastes. They can also pump fluids with solid particulates without causing damage or significant wear, which is particularly useful in applications such as waste water treatment and food processing.

Gentle Pumping Action

The non-contact rotation of lobes enables a smooth and continuous flow, minimizing shear and maintaining the integrity of delicate substances. This attribute makes them ideal for industries that deal with shear-sensitive products, such as dairy or pharmaceuticals.


SeFluid’s rotary lobe pumps are highly efficient due to their positive displacement mechanism, which ensures a consistent flow rate regardless of the pressure. This makes them suitable for applications requiring precise dosing and metering.

Ease of Maintenance

The design of SeFluid’s rotary lobe pumps allows for easy maintenance. Most models can be serviced in place, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, the wear parts (rotors, seals, and timing gears) can be replaced without needing to remove the pump from the pipeline.


One of the main advantages of SeFluid’s rotary lobe pumps is their self-priming capability. This means that they can operate without the need for a separate priming mechanism, which can save time and money in many applications. They can also handle a wide range of viscosities, making them suitable for pumping fluids of varying thicknesses.

Type of Rotary Lobe Pump

Type A of Rotary Lobe Pump | SeFluid

Single lobe type

Specially for medium with large particles, can effectively avoid the damage of particles during the conveying process.

Type B of Rotary Lobe Pump | SeFluid

Double lobe type

Ideal for viscous fluid and medium containing small size particles.  Low breakage rate and slight ripple to pumped particles.

Type C of Rotary Lobe Pump | SeFluid

Three lobe type

Popular type with a certain of breakage to pumped particles. It is the most widely used rotary lobe pump type in various industries.

Type D of Rotary Lobe Pump | SeFluid

Multi lobe type

When lobe quantity is over 3, volume per rotation will be reduced, meanwhile stability will increase, and breakage will be higher.

Power Transmission Options of Rotary Lobe Pump

Motor + fixed ratio gearbox

Simple for a rotary lobe pump, the rotor speed is constant, which determines the non-adjustability of the flow rate.

Motor + stepless transmission

Manual speed adjusting, safe and reliable, large torque, infinitely adjustable flow.

VF motor + inverter

Electrical automatic speed adjusting, stepless smooth speed regulation, high automation, large torque at low speed.



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