Introduction of High Pressure Homogenizer

A high pressure homogenizer is a machine used for precise and efficient homogenization processes. It is commonly employed in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, and chemicals. This equipment is designed to reduce particle size to the nanometer range, making it ideal for applications that require fine and uniform mixing. By utilizing high pressure and intense turbulence, the high-pressure homogenizer breaks down particles, droplets, or aggregates, resulting in a consistent and stable product. Its versatility and wide range of applications make it a valuable tool in various manufacturing processes.

SeFluid’s high pressure homogenizer primarily consists of a high-pressure homogenization chamber and a booster mechanism. The internal design of the homogenization chamber is specially engineered to ensure optimal performance. Within this chamber, high pressure is generated using one or more high-pressure pumps. Subsequently, the high-pressure release occurs through an adjustable narrow gap within the homogenizing valve.

high pressure homogenizer - SeFluid



5.5-45 kw


500-5000 l/h

Max. Pressure

200 Mpa


SS304, SS316

How the high pressure homogenizer works

A high pressure homogenizer is a powerful tool used to mix and break down particles in liquids or suspensions by forcing them through a narrow opening at incredibly high pressure. Imagine it as a superpowered milkshake maker, but instead of creamy treats, it can handle everything from delicate emulsions in cosmetics to tough cell walls in biotechnology. Here’s how it works:

1: Pumping

The substance to be homogenized, such as a liquid or suspension, is pumped into the high-pressure homogenizer using a piston pump. The pump applies pressure to the substance, forcing it into the homogenization chamber.

2: High-Pressure Generation

Inside the homogenization chamber, one or more high-pressure pumps create a significant increase in pressure. This pressure can range from 1000 to 2000 bar (14,500 to 29,000 psi) or higher, depending on the application.

3: Homogenization Valve

The high-pressure substance passes through a narrow homogenization valve. This valve creates a high-pressure zone and a sudden drop in pressure, resulting in intense turbulence and shear forces within the fluid.

4: Particle Disruption

As the substance passes through the homogenization valve, the intense turbulence and shear forces cause particle disruption. Larger particles, droplets, or aggregates are broken down into smaller particles, resulting in a more uniform mixture.

5: Repeated Passes

In some cases, the substance may undergo multiple passes through the homogenization valve to further enhance the homogenization effect. Each pass helps to reduce particle size and improve the uniformity of the mixture.

6: Pressure Release

After passing through the homogenization valve, the pressure is released, and the homogenized substance moves out of the high-pressure homogenizer for further processing or collection.

By utilizing high pressure, turbulence, and shear forces, the high-pressure homogenizer effectively reduces particle size, blends ingredients, and produces uniform mixtures. The adjustable parameters, such as pressure and valve settings, allow for customization based on specific product requirements.

Advantages of High Pressure Homogenizer

High pressure homogenizers offer several advantages in various industries and applications. Some of the key advantages include:

Particle Size Reduction

High pressure homogenizers are highly effective in reducing particle size, resulting in a more uniform and stable product. This is crucial in industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, where consistent texture and quality are desired.

Improved Product Stability

The intense shear forces exerted by high-pressure homogenizers help in breaking down particles and promoting better dispersion and mixing of ingredients. This leads to improved stability and reduced separation or settling of components in the final product.

Enhanced Homogenization

High pressure homogenizers provide superior homogenization compared to other methods. They ensure thorough blending and uniform distribution of components, resulting in a more consistent product with improved properties such as taste, texture, and appearance.

Emulsion Formation

These homogenizers are highly effective in creating stable emulsions by dispersing immiscible liquids into a fine and uniform mixture. This is crucial in industries like cosmetics and food, where emulsions play a vital role in product formulation.

Cell Disruption

High-pressure homogenizers are widely used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to break open cells and release intracellular contents. This enables the extraction of valuable compounds such as proteins, enzymes, and pharmaceutical substances.

Scalability and Flexibility

High-pressure homogenizers are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for both laboratory-scale research and large-scale industrial production. They can handle different flow rates, pressure settings, and viscosity ranges, offering flexibility in process optimization and scale-up.

Process Control

High-pressure homogenizers often come equipped with advanced control systems, allowing precise adjustment of operating parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and temperature. This enables better process control and optimization for specific product requirements.

Benefits of SeFluid's High Pressure Homogenizer

As a renowned manufacturer in the field of processing equipment, SeFluid offers an exceptional range of high pressure homogenizers that embody innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Designed to excel in various industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical manufacturing, SeFluid’s high pressure homogenizers boast a multitude of benefits that set us apart from the competitors.

Advanced Technological Integration

SeFluid’s high pressure homogenizers incorporate state-of-the-art technologies that ensure precise control over pressure, flow rate, and processing parameters. This results in superior homogenization outcomes with uniform particle size distribution and excellent product stability.

Efficient Processing Capabilities

These machines are equipped with high-performance pumps and valves that enable rapid and effective processing of diverse mixtures. The ability to handle high pressures up to 29,000 psi or more ensures efficient breakdown of even the most stubborn aggregates and agglomerates.

Versatility and Customization

SeFluid understands the unique requirements of different industries and applications. Our high pressure homogenizers can be tailored to meet specific customer needs, with options for varying capacity, pressure settings, and sanitary designs for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Enhanced Product Quality

By achieving unparalleled homogenization, SeFluid’s high pressure homogenizers contribute to improved product texture, appearance, and shelf life. They facilitate the production of stable emulsions and suspensions with small particle sizes and narrow size distribution, ensuring consistent product quality.

User-friendly Operation and Maintenance

SeFluid prioritizes ease of use and maintenance in our high pressure homogenizers. Intuitive control systems and accessible components facilitate smooth operation and simplify cleaning and maintenance procedures, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Durability and Reliability

Constructed with premium materials and precision engineering, SeFluid’s high pressure homogenizers are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Robust construction and stringent quality control measures ensure long-term operational reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Applications of High Pressure Homogenizer

application of high pressure homogenizer 3 - SeFluid

pharmaceutical industry

Preparation of microemulsions, liposomes, suspensions and microcapsules.

bioengineering Industry | High Pressure Homogenizer | SeFluid

bioengineering Industry

Cell crushing, extraction and homogenization of intra and extracellular substances.

application of high pressure homogenizer 1 - SeFluid

food & beverage industry

Emulsification and homogenization for improving product stability.

application of high pressure homogenizer 4 - SeFluid

cosmetic & fine chemical Industry

Homogenization and dispersion of products for higher quality level.

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